CORDERIA VITALE, History is Description Of the firm

The CORDERIA VITALE is a specialized firm in the production of cordages and strings founded in 1890 when the Cav. Rocco Vitale in a small laboratory inzi˛ the workmanship of the hemp fiber tessiledalle innumerable applications. With sacrifice and devotion she/he succeeds in transforming this small laboratory in an industrial reality in a few years, employing in the proper canapificio and cordificio more than fifty dependent. In 1950 graces to the appointment of the child Anthony is realized one of the most modern canapificis that was articulated on of an area of 10.000 mqs.

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in which cordages and strings were produced in natural fibers, accupando more than one hundred addetti.Nels 1960 are produced the first tops in synthetic fibers, naylon, polyester and polipropilene, at the same time a new department of production is installed, the treccificio, using him around one hundred cars trecciatrici, shortly time the CORDERIA Vitale, will be the point the reference in the sector of the cordage. In the 1985 Luciano and Giancarlo Vitale you give birth of Anthony, they take the direction and the control of the Group CORDERIA Vitale, they provide innanzitutto
to the technological adjustment of the fittings, with particular attention in specific technologies for the production of twisted tops and trecciate for the nautical employments. They constitute an office of control quality, together to that technical already existing since 1950 and they provide to the realization of the first catalog of the corderia and the share to the varied fairs of sector to international level. A detail attention has always been date to the nautical sector of the corderia where we always have

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gotten the greatest recognitions, in terms of quality and service, following more than thousand customers in the whole world, with the by now tested range of twisted tops and trecciate. In the year 2000 you/he/she is constituted a new society the VITALROPE INDUSTRIES nautical division of the CORDERIA Vitale that it will be dealt some production of twisted tops and trecciate in traditional synthetic fibers as well as in the most modern like the dyneema and the kelvlar.

Everything cio˛ has been possible graces to our lover clientele that during more than one hundred years you/he/she has done him that a small idea it became a big industrial reality. One thanks and a recognition we want expressing our dependent to all collaborators, representatives and suppliers that once more you/they have allowed us to realize a big industrial project.


Luciano & Giancarlo Vitale

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